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Web to print, amazing and personalized tool for Ecommerce

The web to print is the perfect tool for ecommerce businesses. Literally, it means the web printing which means that links a website to a print command. He was born in the 2000s while applying to all web platforms that offer printing services. The goal is to order a document that was customized. From a web site, it is easier to order any medium of communication that could be critical to their business or personal project by going to the flyer flyer through the card. To meet the specific needs of customers, a wide range of products catalog is then proposed. In main rules the site has easy ergonomics to ordering in the best conditions. In some platforms, simply create an account, to connect and to be guided by the order process to allow customers to save time and money while maintaining full compliance of the graphic Chaite no unexpected or bad surprise. Currently it is not a simple concept of exchange between a provider and a customer since it became the full implementation of the provision of printed products online services business. This solution must be conducted step by step while being part of a strategic development approach of the company.

The rules to follow

Although the web 2 print is considered a turnkey, you still have to follow certain rules so that the order can proceed as planned. Technical constraints linked to processes of impressions must then be followed to the letter. Platforms check right then the images that usually have to be very good and quite free of law, the fonts that will be vectorized and stretched to keep their sharpness, bleeds that must be mandatory and must even go beyond the image, choosing the CMYB color mode, spelling mistakes and of course sending digital BAT to perform audits of customers before printing.

if you like, the web 2 print is then it's the best solution for controlling all independently impressions while optimizing savings by being in good company.


New technologies

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